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The Remedy:
Your prescription for delicious food.

Let us cure your hunger with a Coastal Fresh menu. From family breakfasts to boozy brunches to date-worthy dinners, our chef expertly blends local ingredients with Cajun techniques to dish up a uniquely memorable dining experience.


Step inside this surfside restaurant to find yourself immersed in vibrant aromas and enveloped by the friendly staff. The vibe is Gulf Coast vacay, but the welcoming ambiance makes you feel right at home.

The Remedy Bar and dining area opened up to the beach

Treat your palate!
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Citrus Fruits
Bloody Mary and Mimosas


More than a meal, brunch is all about sharing the moment. It's a social experience that brings us together over delicious dishes and delightful drinks.


Brunch is the ideal way to catch up with friends, relax with family, or simply indulge in a lazy weekend morning. Nourish your body – and your relationships – with time spent 'round a table filled with favorites from classic egg dishes to fluffy pancakes to refreshing mimosas. 


Make it to The Remedy, where we make the most important meal of the weekend.   

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